About Us

Established in the year 2000, Michelle is just as committed to her business now as the first time she opened the door!

Having worked for a national, well-known computer supplies and stationery chain for around 10 years, Michelle knew she was taking a chance in going it alone, but after completing a six week course with the Enterprise Council in Bradford, she felt confident enough to seek out suitable premises. 

Horsforth Town Street proved the perfect choice! The shop's 

location on this busy street means a steady stream of passing
footfall, and lots of lovely regular customers from the nearby

houses, businesses and schools.

Michelle and her staff are always happy to offer advice and lend

a hand whenever possible, and the shop prides itself on its
personal service.

And - as it says on the back of our door - we really DO thank you for shopping local!

Some of our stock

General stationery and school supplies 

Think of an item you would normally find in a big stationery shop, and you will probably find it here in our smaller one! 

We carry everything from drawing pins to shredders, document wallets to guillotines, notepads to archive boxes, and if we haven't got it in stock we can usually order it for you.

Original and compatible inks and laser toners

We stock many well-known bands of inkjet cartridges, including Epson, Canon, Hewlett Packard and Brother.  In addition, we carry  a variety of  fully guaranteed compatible inks, with prices starting at £6.00 for a single ink, or £15.00 for a full set of four.  Email us and we will happily send you our latest prices.

We also stock laser toners.  If we haven't got it in the shop, we can usually get the one you need quickly.  Again, ask us for our compatible prices - they work out much cheaper than the originals.

Pens, markers, highlighters and pencils

Our single pens start at just 30p! Of course, if you are looking for something a little more special, we are Pilot specialists, and are pleased to stock a range of FriXion and FriXion Clicker pens and refills, the popular G-2 range, Laundry Markers, and


We also stock boxes of pens, permanent and whiteboard markers, chalk and paint pens, highlighters, handwriting and italic pens, and fineliners.

Printer and photo paper, card, labels and envelopes

We stock white, parchment and coloured printer paper. Similarly, our card is suitable for use in printers, and we always stock quality, non-branded gloss and matt photo paper at competitive prices.

Our envelope and label supplies are pretty extensive for a small shop. We have everything from dinner money and printed wage to large padded and polythene envelopes. 

Our labels range from rolls of 250, to boxes of 65/page print-ready!

USB sticks, cables and computer peripherals

We've got memory cards and USB sticks, CDs a DVDs, and all the extras you might need to keep your PC, Mac, laptop or tablet in  tip-top condition, including air dusters, screen wipes and styluses.

We also stock USB and wireless mice and mousemats.

In addition, we stock various electrical and USB extensions, patch leads, printer cables and telephone splitters. 

Items you might not think we'd stock


First and second class, normal or large, individually or in books

Till, Chip & Pin and Calculator Rolls

Not the easiest things to track down but we've got a good selection


We try to stock them for as long as you need them - not just in December and January 


Duplicate and triplicate receipt and invoicing pads, cash and accounting books, and petty cash pads

And we're trying to be a bit 'greener'!

Our new green shelf is our starting point to stocking more recycled and recyclable products.  

We've got 80gsm printer paper, pens made from plastic water bottles and punched pockets made from bio-degradable material.

We also take your old inkjet and laser cartridges, whether they were bought from us or not, and send them off to be  recycled.  That's one less thing for you to think about!